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Department of Secretarial Affairs

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  • Post Date: 12/20/2012


General Affairs Management Section

  • Fixed Assets Procurement of Equipment and Expandable Items.
  • Management of Technicians and Manual Worker.
  • Property Management.
  • Management and Maintenance of Real Estate and Government Housing.
  • General Affairs Remittance and Collection Payments, and Employee Remuneration.

Procurement and Public Construction Management Section

  • Procurement Management.
  • Public Construction Management.
  • Promotion of Private Participation for Infrastructure Projects.
  • MOE`s Construction and Quality Control Unit Management.
  • MOE`s Procurement Control Unit Management.

Documentation Section

  • Document In-take and Record Management.
  • Issue and Transmit Official Documents.
  • E-document Distribution Management.
  • Official MOE Document and Seal Security and Operational Management.
  • Official Government and School Seal Security Document and Operational Management.

Archives and Records Section

  • Archives checking, classification, cataloging, preservation, security control and computerization.
  • Archives Repository Management.
  • Archives Reservation and Management.
  • Document Access and Viewing Management.
  • Administrative Archive Management for Agencies and Schools.

Education Property Foundation Section

  • Management of Grant and Subsidy Affairs.
  • Real Estate Management.
  • Real Estate Development.
  • Rent and Financial Affairs Management.
  • Legal Affairs Management.


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