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Educational Institutions for Foreign Residents

Kaohsiung Korean School

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  • Post Date: 06/13/2006

School Name Kaohsiung Korean School
School Website or Email-address Tianhee@hanmail.net
School Principal Jun Byunghee
School Address and Contact numbers No. 43-2,81 Nong, 37 Xiang,Gushan 2 Road, 804 Kaohsiung,Roc.
Founding Date of School January 25,1961
Admission Requirements
(Contact Person and Numbers)
1.Below 13 years old(Children)
2.Anyone who want to study Korean Language
申鉉琮 at 07-551-3918
Principle Language of
Grade Levels Kindergarten
Elementary School(Grades1-6)
Total Number of Classes Number of Classes for Kindergarten:1
Students: 5
Number of Classes for Elementary School:2
Foreign Student Nationalties Korean