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Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants

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  • Post Date: 07/29/2009

Website: http://dict.variants.moe.edu.tw/

vairant dictionary

  • This dictionary is intended for Sinology researchers and public use. It contains more than 100 thousand Chinese characters.
  • The features of this dictionary are as follows:
  1. Entries that focus on the forms of Chinese characters and give the possible variants of each character proper as well as the source of each variant;
  2. Literature extracts in which the characters and their variants are used throughout history;
  3. The world's largest compilation of Chinese characters and Chinese orthography ;
  4. A character databank that results from the efforts of many specialists in Chinese orthography.
  • This dictionary comes with 15 appendices including different tables of Chinese characters used in Japanese, Korean, folk literature, Chinese dialects, and so on.


  • Chinese txt.docChinese txt.doc