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Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Tsai Ching-Hwa visits Korea

Date: 04/10/2017

Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Tsai Ching-Hwa visits Korea

Taiwan’s Political Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Tsai Ching-Hwa (政務次長蔡清華) visited Korea from April 1 to April 8 to actively promote educational cooperation between Taiwan and Korea, and to get a better understanding of elementary school education in Korea.
During his visit, Dr. Tsai met with Ting Joseph Shih, Representative at the Taipei Mission in Korea (駐韓國台北代表處石定大使), and had in-depth discussions covering the fields of education, academic-industrial cooperation, tourism, and economics, as well as the tense situation on the Korean peninsula. They also addressed possibilities and methods for enhancing academic exchanges for professors and university students, and sending more Chinese language teachers to Korea.
One of the main purposes of Dr. Tsai’s trip was to try to gain insight into the international perspective of Korean elementary school students, with a focus on students currently in 6th grade. As well as conversing with students during his visits to their schools, Dr. Tsai employed methods such as questionnaires, interviews, and observation of educational activities. And during his campus visits, he also took time to see some of the environmental friendly projects and green measures adopted by the schools.
Deputy Minister Tsai visited Bongeun Elementary School (奉恩小學), Elementary School affiliated to Hongik University (弘益大學附屬小學), Munjeong Elementary School (文井小學), Jeju North Elementary (濟州北國小), and Jeju Doreon Elementary School, accompanied by Chang Jiunn Jiun, the Director of the Education Division at the Taipei Mission in Korea (駐韓國台北代表處教育組張俊均),. The schools felt very honored to have Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Education visit their campus and they each extended a very warm welcome to him. Dr. Tsai also visited Konkuk University (韓國建國大學) and the Taiwan Education Center located on its campus, and various sites of historical and cultural significance.
“It was a substantial and fruitful trip. We gained a better understanding of the Korean elementary school system and more insight into the global perspective of Korean students. The trip will prove beneficial for advancing and expanding academic exchange programs between our countries. I sincerely hope that our countries will be able to further deepen relations and expand communications in the near future.” Dr. Tsai said.

Photo:Dr. Tsai had lunch together with Mrs. Lee Sung Ai, principal of Munjeong Elementary School (文井小學李順愛校長), and teachers and students at the school cafeteria.