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With the development in social economy and the implementation of National Health Insurance (NHI) , Taiwan's medical standard and the quality of healthcare have been upgraded significantly. Foreigners in Taiwan are also able to enjoy these high quality medical services.

Foreigners with an Alien Resident Certificate who have resided in Taiwan for four months must enroll in the National Health Insurance program. They have to go to the local administrative office to enroll in the NHI program.

Before they are eligible for the NHI program, students can either purchase their own insurance or participate in a temporary health insurance program offered by the foreign students office inside their host institutes.

Foreigners who los t their residence status because they no longer hold a valid ARC or leaving Taiwan permanently , will also lose their right to participate the NHI program. They must withdraw their subscription to the NHI program through their group insurance applicants (their employers or local administration offices) and then return their NHI card to their applicants and pay the premiums in full before leaving Taiwan.

When traveling overseas for a short period of time, either on business or on vacation, and then returning to Taiwan with a valid ARC, foreigners must remain enrolled in the NHI program.