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Language Resources

Online Reference Materials by the National Languages Committee, Ministry of Education, R.O.C

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  • Post Date: 03/05/2012

Statements regarding authorization of linking to the NLC websites:

  1. The NLC's educational websites are protected by the Copyright Act, Intellectual Property Act, and other pertinent laws and regulations.

  2. Non-profit academic research or education-oriented linking to any of the NLC educational websites is welcomed upon NLC approval of an application. However, an approval allows only the link to the homepage of a website; it does not authorize any use of its data files. To apply for a link to a website, send an application form (DOC file) to the National Languages Committee.

  3. The NLC educational websites may not be used for profit or for commercial purposes. The Ministry of Education will take legal action against any violation of intellectual property rights with respect to the websites.

  4. The National Languages Committee
    Address: 2F, No.172, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao E. Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
    Tel: (02) 7736.7876-78
    Fax: (02) 3343.7874
    Email: mandr@mail.moe.gov.tw

Related Chinese Websites:

1.Concise Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
2.Mandarin Chinese Mini Dictionary
3.Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
4.Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants
5.Dictionary of Chinese Idioms
6.Dictionary of Hakka Words Frequently Used in Taiwan
7.Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan Words
8.Comprehensive Dictionary of Indigenous Taiwanese History, Languages, and Culture (Beta Version)
9.e-Page Learning with Audio Files for the Minnan Language

Forms of Chinese Characters
1.Learning Program for the Stroke Order of Frequently Used Chinese Characters
2.Master Copy of Standard Regular Script Typeface for Chinese Characters
3.Master Copy of Standard Song Typeface for Chinese Characters
4.Teacher's Handbook of Standard Form of Chinese Characters
5.Handbook of the Stroke Order of Chinese Characters
6.Handbook of Radicals
7.Master Copy of Clerical-Script Typeface for Chinese Characters
8.Master Copy of Standard Square Typeface for Chinese Characters
9.Font Files of Standard Typefaces for Chinese Characters
10.Principles of Establishing the Standard Form of Chinese Characters
11.Revised Table of Character Variants
12.Principles of Selecting Characters for the Minnan language
13.Recommended Characters for the Minnan Language (Group One)
14.Recommended Characters for the Minnan Language (Group Two)
15.Table of Characters Proper for Karaoke Songs in the Minnan Language and Related Information

Pronunciations of Chinese Characters
1.Revised Table of Multi-Pronunciation Chinese Characters
2.Handbook of Bopomofo Symbols
3.Mandarin Phonetic Symbols II
4.Principles of Romanizing the Minnan Language
5.Table of Syllables for Romanizing the Minnan Language
6.User Manual for Romanizing the Minnan Language
7.Roman Alphabet Input Method of the Minnan Language

Meanings of Chinese Characters
1.Differentiating between Frequently-Used Chinese Characters
2.Handbook of Frequently-Used Measure Words
3.Collection of New Expressions I (July 1996-December 1997)
4.Collection of New Expressions II (January 1998 -December 1998)
5.Explanations of New Expressions I
6.Vocabulary of the Minnan Language

Statistics on Linguistic Data
1.Results of the 1998 Questionnaire Survey of Colloquial Chinese
2.Results of the 1998 Survey of Colloquial Language
3.Report on the Survey of Frequently-Used Expressions 1998
4.Report on the Survey of Frequently-Used Expressions 1997
5.Report on the Survey of Frequently-Used Expressions 1996
6.Report on the Survey of Frequently-Used Expressions 1993
7.Report on the Survey of Frequently-Used Characters and Words by Elementary School Students
8.Report on the Survey of the Characters and Words in China’s Elementary School Textbooks (Draft)
9.Statistics on Frequency of Characters and Words in the Concise Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
10.A Brief Table of Statistics on Linguistic Data of some NLC Programs

1.Revised Handbook of Punctuation
2.Report on the Editing of the Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
3.Report on the Editing of the Dictionary of Character Variants
4.Report on the Editing of the Dictionary of Idioms
5.Portfolio of Award-Winning Creative Writings from the "Create our Own Literature in our Own Mother Tongues" Contest


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