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Bilingual Glossary

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No. Chinese English Category
1 不准外借的書 Books Unavailable for Loan Library
2 中國歷史 Chinese History Library
3 文學 Literature Library
4 世界歷史 World History Library
5 可以外借的書 Books Available for Loan Library
6 史地 Geography and History Library
7 目錄 Card Catalog Library
8 在館內閱讀完書籍,請歸回原位。 Please put the books away when you finish reading them. Library
9 好書介紹 Recommended Books Library
10 字典 Dictionaries Library
11 有電危險,請勿靠近。 High Voltage! Stay Away! Library
12 有聲書 Talking Books Library
13 百科全書 Encyclopedias Library
14 自然科學類 Natural Sciences Library
15 自傳 Autobiography Library
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