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Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. 一般智能 general intelligence Counseling
2. 一般智能資賦優異 Giftedness/Talents in Intelligence Others
3. 一樓 first floor Classroom
4. 一縣(市)一特殊教育學校 One School for Special Needs for Each County (City) Others
5. 七藝{文法、邏輯、修辭、音樂、算數、幾何、天文} Seven liberal arts Academic History and Philosophy
6. 九年一貫課程 Grade 1-9 Curriculum Curriculum
7. 九年一貫課程 Grade 1-9 Curriculum Key Terms of Grade 1-9
8. 二年級 sophomore class Academic Administration
9. 二年級生{美} sophomore Academic Administration
10. 二技 Two-year Completion Programs Others
11. 二專 Two-year Junior College Programs Others
12. 二部制 half-time system Academic Administration
13. 二樓 second floor Classroom
14. 人力資本 human capital Administration
15. 人口基本資料庫 demographic database Administration
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