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Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. 九年一貫課程 Grade 1-9 Curriculum Curriculum
2. 人權教育 Human Rights Education Curriculum
3. 三明治課程 sandwich course Curriculum
4. 生命教育 life education Curriculum
5. 生活倫理道德教育 personal and social education Curriculum
6. 生活課程 Life Curriculum Curriculum
7. 生涯發展教育 Career Development Education Curriculum
8. 由下而上 bottom-up Curriculum
9. 由上而下 top-down Curriculum
10. 共同核心課程 common core curriculum Curriculum
11. 自然與生活科技 Science and Technology Curriculum
12. 自學進修 self study Curriculum
13. 行動研究 action research Curriculum
14. 兩性教育 gender education Curriculum
15. 協同教學 team teaching Curriculum
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