Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. [班]導師 class teacher Academic Administration
2. [班]導師制 class teacher system Academic Administration
3. [唯]意志論 Voluntarism Academic History and Philosophy
4. [學校]改制 institution status change Administration
5. B分數 B-score Academic Counseling
6. CD收錄音機 CD player Classroom
7. C分數 C-score Academic Counseling
8. F分數 f-score Academic Counseling
9. G分數 G-score Academic Counseling
10. T分數 T-score Academic Counseling
11. T量表 T-scale Academic Counseling
12. 一般型計畫 general project Administration
13. 一般能力 general ability Academic Counseling
14. 一般教育補助 general educational subsidy Administration
15. 一般陶冶 general culture Academic History and Philosophy