Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. 不適任教師 incompetent teacher Personnel
2. 介聘 teacher transfer among schools Personnel
3. 升等 promotion Personnel
4. 休假研究 sabbatical leave Personnel
5. 合作式中途班{中介安置教育處所} collaboration transition class; collaboration transition school Personnel
6. 免職 dismissal Personnel
7. 助理研究員 assistant researcher Personnel
8. 助理教授級專業技術人員 technician as assistant professor Personnel
9. 技術報告 technical report Personnel
10. 社會教育機構專業人員 professionals of social education institutes Personnel
11. 初聘 initial contract Personnel
12. 研究人員 researcher Personnel
13. 研究助理 research assistant Personnel
14. 個別化教育計畫 Individualized Education Program {= IEP} Personnel
15. 兼任 part-time position Personnel