Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. 一般智能 general intelligence Counseling
2. 中介安置教育措施 middle way educational placement Counseling
3. 中途學校{中介安置教育處所} transition school; middle way school Counseling
4. 中輟{中途輟學} dropout Counseling
5. 中輟生 dropouts Counseling
6. 心理復健計畫 Mental Rehabilitation Plan Counseling
7. 未婚懷孕 unmarried pregnancy Counseling
8. 生活重建計畫 Life-reconstruction Plan Counseling
9. 生活輔導 daily-life guidance Counseling
10. 再輟率 re-dropout rate Counseling
11. 危機管理輔導機制 mechanism of risk management and guidance Counseling
12. 多重障礙 multiple impairments Counseling
13. 安置{輔導} placement Counseling
14. 早期療育 early intervention Counseling
15. 自閉症 autism Counseling