Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. 一般智能資賦優異 Giftedness/Talents in Intelligence Others
2. 一縣(市)一特殊教育學校 One School for Special Needs for Each County (City) Others
3. 二技 Two-year Completion Programs Others
4. 二專 Two-year Junior College Programs Others
5. 三限六不 Three Restrictions and Six Prohibitions Others
6. 大學合併 University Mergers Others
7. 大學系統 University System Others
8. 大學校院精進全英語學程計畫 Enhancement of English-taught Degree Programs for Institutions of Higher Education Others
9. 大學校務基金 University Fund Others
10. 五專 Five-year Junior College Programs Others
11. 五歲幼兒免學費教育計畫 5-year-old Child Education Support Plan Others
12. 公益監察人 Public-interest Supervisor(s) Others
13. 公費留學考試 Government Scholarships for Overseas Study (GSOS): Full Scholarships Others
14. 分散式資源班 Decentralized Resource Room Others
15. 日間部 Day Division Others