Bilingual Glossary

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Bilingual Glossary
No. Chinese English Category
1. CD收錄音機 CD player Classroom
2. 一樓 first floor Classroom
3. 二樓 second floor Classroom
4. 三樓 third floor Classroom
5. 上課不可吃零食。 No food or drinks in the classroom. Classroom
6. 上課不遲到,中途不外出。 Please don’t be late, and don’t leave during class. Classroom
7. 女廁所 girls’ restroom Classroom
8. 中國地圖 Map of China Classroom
9. 五樓 fifth floor Classroom
10. 公用電話 public telephone Classroom
11. 公佈欄 bulletin board Classroom
12. 日光燈 light Classroom
13. 水桶 bucket Classroom
14. 水龍頭 faucet Classroom
15. 世界地圖 World Map Classroom