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Learner-Oriented Education: The Right to Learn is Replacing the Right to an Education

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The ideal of all education workers is for our children to enjoy going to school and to enjoy learning, and so the Ministry of Education is steadfastly committed to “replacing the right to a basic education with the right to learn, for all citizens, and providing education that is genuinely learner-centered”. This is our policy focus. The students are what education is all about and their development is at its core. We are building a diversified education system, and planning education measures for adaptive learning, to nurture students and equip them with six core competencies: namely problem solving, life aesthetics, digital interdisciplinary integration, independent reasoning, teamwork spirit, and multi-faceted creativity, and encourage their multi-faceted adaptive development.

The Ministry of Education is the driving force, creating and promoting education policy, and it is actively fine-tuning and innovating the education system, based on the two key concepts of “nourishment” and “empowerment.” As well as making the utmost effort to provide quality public preschool education, gradually expanding the supply of public preschool education services, and improving the working conditions of preschool educators, we are also implementing the 12-year Basic Education program in ways that incorporate adaptive development and guide students to a diverse range of pathways and adaptive development.

We are actively training technological and vocational experts with practical skills and expertise, and working to create successful links between school education and workplace competencies. We are also promoting the Youth Education and Employment Development Personal Account Project to provide young students more diverse range of flexible career choices and opportunities to explore.

At the same time, we are thoroughly working to develop a distinctive innovative higher education sector, re-examining and evaluating the roles of universities, and assisting individual universities to transform and develop, and train and educate highly skilled people who can blaze new trails. We will also continue building safe, sustainable, and friendly campus environments, and a sound three-tier guidance and counseling mechanism in order to promote students’ holistic development.

In addition, the Ministry is training and educating professional and enthusiastic teachers who consider students’ learning as their central task. They will equip their students with the forward-looking practical competencies which will help them to face the challenges of the future; safeguard the rights of underprivileged students in remote areas; implement multicultural education, and protection and respect of people’s heritage; and provide a diverse learning environment for students with different needs.

On top of that, we are even more actively promoting multifaceted avenues for participation in youth development and raising our young people’s core competitiveness. We are building an education system that provides the general public with a diverse range of public channels and opportunities for lifelong learning. We want to nurture professionals with international skills and a broad outlook, and put full effort into implementing our plans to train New Southbound Policy experts. We are also working to boost the competitive sports skills of all the people, establish sound effective athletics organizations, and enhance our nation’s performance in competitive sports.

The Ministry of Education will continue to pragmatically implement its various educational policies, and will continue working to establish collaborative partnerships with the different sectors of the community. We will invest even more resources and effort into encouraging schools, colleges, and universities to be creative about education, value their students’ diverse strengths, implement learner-centered education, and develop the new future of education together!


Minister of Education