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Private High Schools, Lower Grade Schools and Affiliated Kindergartens for International Residents


How many Schools for International Residents are there in ROC?
21 schools are as follows:

Location School name Grade Address Telephone/Fax Website

Taipei City

Taipei American School K~12 No. 800 Chung Shan North Road, Section 6, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 11152 Tel:(02)2873-9900
Grace Christian Academy 1~12 No. 67 Dong Sing Street Nan Kang District Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 115 Tel:(02)2785-7233 Fax:(02)2785-7232
Dominican International School K~12 No. 76 Tah Chih St, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 104 Tel:(02)2533-8451 Fax:(02)2533-0914
Morrison Academy-Taipei Bethany American School K~9 No. 97 Ting Chou Road, Section 3, Taipei Taiwan  (R.O.C.) 10090 Tel:(02)2365-9691 Fax:(02)2365-9696
Taipei Adventist American School 1~8 No. 64 Lane 80 Zhuang Ding Rd. Shihlin 111, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 11149 Tel:(02)2861-6400 Fax:(02)2861-5121
Taipei European School K~12 Swire European Primary Campus: No. 99 FuGuo Road, ShiLin District,Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 11158   Tel:(02)8145-9007 Fax:(02)2832-5058
    Swire European Secondary Campus: No. 31 JianYe Road, ShiLin District, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 11193 Tel:(02)8145-9007 Fax:(02)2862-1458
Taipei Japanese School 1~9 No. 785 Chung Shan North Road, Section 6, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 11152 Tel:(02)2872-3801 Fax:(02)2873-6744
Taipei Korean School 1~6 No. 1, Ln. 68, Qingnian Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 108 Tel:(02)2303-9126 Fax:(02)2309-7780

New Taipei City

New Taipei City Asia American International Academy 6~12 No.23, Aly. 37, Ln. 542, Sec. 1, Wunhua N. Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 24446 Tel:(02)2606-9030 Fax:(02)2606-9033

Taoyuan City

Taoyuan American School 1~12 No.1 Kainan Road, Luzhu Shiang, Taoyuan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 33857 Tel:(03)341-1890 Fax:(03) 215-1079

Hsinchu City

Hsinchu American School 1~12 No.6, Yih Shuh Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 30067 Tel:(03)520-3211 Fax:(03)529-6482
Hsinchu International School K~12 No. 290, Niu Pu East Road Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 30091 Tel:(03)538-8113 Fax:(03)538-8033

Hsinchu County City

Pacific American School 1~12 No. 307, Sec. 1, Xinglong Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 30272 Tel:(03) 558-6688

Taichung City

American School in Taichung 1~12 NO. 21-1 Chu Yuan Lane, Bei-Tun, Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  40661 Tel:(04)2239-7532 Fax:(04)2239-4956
Morrison Academy-Taichung K~12 No. 136-1 Shui Nan Rd., BeiTun District, Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 40679 Tel:(04) 2292-1171 Fax:(04)2292-1174
Taichung Japanese School 1~9 No.33,Ping He S. Road, Daya District, Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 42879 Tel:(04)2567-2079 Fax:(04)2567-2085

Kaohsiung City

Kaohsiung American School K~12 No. 889 Cueihua Road, Zuoying District, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 81354   Tel:(07) 586-3300 Fax:(07)582-4536
Dominican International School Kaohsiung K~8 No.107 Chung Hwa 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 804 Tel:(07)552-3989 Fax:(07)553-7397
Kaohsiung Japanese School 1~9 No.100, Furen Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City,  Taiwan (R.O.C.) 802 Tel:(07) 722-0537 Fax:(07)722-2572
Kaohsiung Korean School K~6 No.43-2, Aly. 81, Ln. 37, Gushan 2nd Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 804 Tel:(07) 521-7751 Fax:(07) 521-7752
Morrison Academy Kaohsiung K~12 No.42 Chiacheng Rd., Dashe District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 81546 Tel:(07)356-1190 Fax:(07)356-1189

For relevant regulations, please refer to Regulations for the Establishment and Management of Private Elementary Schools, Junior and Senior High Schools, and Affliated Preschools for International Residents.