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A beautiful dream for Disabled Students -National Changhua Special School Students' Education Tour to Japan


In order to enlarge students' world vision, The Ministry of Education encourages disabled students to attend international education tour. In the last three years, one hundred and eighteen students from eight schools of special education attended the tour. Besides mutual communication, it helps enhancing quality, diversification, and generalization in students’ learning.

This year, sixteen students and six staff members of National Changhua Special School led by Principal Chen Su-Yun, went to Japan from May 19 to 24. During the six-day education trip, The staff members took care of their students considerately and deepened much cultural learning.

They visited Kagoshima-ken Takeokadai Special School and Miyazaki-ken Special School which are boarding schools in Japan for development of mental disabled students such as Natoinal Changhua Special School. In the reception party, warm activities were held with singing, dancing and games. Students exchanged cards and gifts happily. In the meantime, school faculties shared teaching experiences so that enhanced special education ideas and strategies mutually.

A beautiful dream for Disabled Students