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Minister Tu Handed out Awards to Students Nominated as Distinguished Students of School Year 2006

Minister Tu Handed out Awards to Students Nominated as Distinguished Students of School Year 2006

To commend distinguished students who are diligent, willing to serve others or talented, MOE in 2001 began selecting candidates for Presidential Education Awards. In addition to selecting candidates for Presidential Education Awards, MOE this year selects and commends students who devote themselves to campus work without others noticing.

Minister Tu notes winners were recommended by schools and reviewed and approved by educational authorities. The winners meet one of the following three criteria: (1) Diligent, optimistic and accomplished; (2) willing to serve others, filial, friendly and considerate to the extent that makes a difference to the society; (3) talented in language, art, traditional craft, science, technology, information, sport or other fields. These three types of students can make positive contributions to the country and the society.

During the ceremony, Minister Tu handed out scholarships to every winner, recognizing their good deeds and encourages students to continue to work hard to take care of themselves and help others.

Every winner has a touching story behind them. Some of them are from very poor families, while others are disabled, or have lost their parents. Despite adversities, they remain optimistic, active and continue to care about people around them. This is very rare and commendable. We learn the extraordinary qualities these children possess from them and the conviction and attitude they have to face difficulties. They let us know as long as we are willing to work hard and have a passion for life, we will feel hopeful and not be afraid of hardships.

During the selection process, we are pleased to find students from well-to-do families who are able to treasure what they have and help others. We hope through this event every child can learn the spirit and essence of devotion.

Every winner has undergone a period of tough time. In addition to commending and encouraging them, we would like to thank their families for supporting them quietly behind their backs. Let us offer them our blessings and cheer them!