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The Fourth Technical and Vocational Excellence Award

The Fourth Technical and Vocational Excellence Award
The Ministry of Education held an awarding press conference on December 16 for its Technical and Vocational Excellence Award to announce winners of both the Competition Excellence Prize and the Outstanding Technical and Vocational Prize. The awards were established to encourage excellence among students of vocational and technical courses and set good examples for others to follow.

This is the fourth year of the award. In addition to the previous Competition Excellence Prize given to students who have shown commendable performance in international competitions, a new Outstanding Technical and Vocational Prize has been added. This new award is aimed at encouraging participation in international competitions for innovation and inventions, and for students who have obtained local and international professional licenses.

In all, 21 prizes will be awarded this year. It is hoped that through this activity, outstanding students will participate in more international technical and vocational competitions, obtain professional licenses, hone their personal competitive edges, and raise social awareness and understanding of technical and vocational education.