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Taiwan School in Jakarta, Indonesia Tropical Charm in Kalapa Gading Permai

Taiwan School in Jakarta, Indonesia Tropical Charm in Kalapa Gading Permai
The Taiwan School in Indonesia, the first Chinese school set up after the 30-year ban on the Chinese language was lifted, is located in Kalapa Gading Permai in Jakarta. Today the Indonesian government encourages high schools and higher educational institutions to offer Chinese classes as a second foreign language for students. All of the 370 Taiwanese students in the Jakarta Taiwan School are able to communicate and learn in Chinese, English and Indonesian. Taking courses in tandem with those taught in Taiwan, these students grow and study without pressure in a privileged environment.

Taiwan and Indonesia complement one another in terms of economic development as the number of Taiwanese businesses investing in Indonesia has increased in recent years. In response to the demand for Chinese education for the children of these investors and other Taiwanese people residing in Indonesia, the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia has communicated with the Indonesian government over the years and eventually won the approval to set up a school. With assistance and contributions from the Indonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya) and enthusiasts at home in Taiwan and abroad, the Jakarta Taiwan School was established in May 1991 and officially opened on September 2nd the same year.

Situated at latitude 8 degree south of the equator, the school year systems at the Taiwan School in Jakarta are the same as those in Taiwan: kindergarten, 6 years of elementary school, 3 in junior high and 3 in senior high. Two thirds of the courses are in Chinese while the last third is in English or Indonesian depending on student needs.

90% of the teachers conducting their classes in Chinese are qualified teachers. For courses taught in English, the teachers are divided into two groups. The first includes teachers that hold proper certification while the second is composed of native English speakers with proven teaching experience to teach conversation and grammar classes that enhance the students'listening, speaking and writing. Indonesian is taught by local teachers.

The students at Jakarta Taiwan School are taught to read and write traditional Chinese characters. The school also accepts students of other nationalities to encourage cultural exchange in order to expand their international perspective. As Taiwanese businessmen have considerable influence in Jakarta, the students at the Taiwan School enjoy a privileged environment. The teachers work hard to ensure that graduates from the school can test into good universities in Taiwan or overseas.