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Senior Technical Experts Citation Press Conference - Hope for Taiwan

Senior Technical Experts Citation Press Conference - Hope for Taiwan

To thank senior technical experts from manufacturers helping in the Industry-Academia Cooperation Program and the Special Vocational High School Programs for Target Industries, the Ministry of Education awarded certificates of appreciation on April 6, 2009. Seven senior technical experts, including Chen Chiang-chu, Wu Chao-ming, Chen Jin-wan, Liu Luan-chu, Wang Deng-fa, Ji Jin-huai and Chang Yong-dong, were cited publicly for passing down their skills and helping with vocational education.

The Industry-Academia Cooperation Program was begun in 2006. For the past two years, the focus has been on special disciplines and professions with labor shortages. Through links between vocational high schools and technical colleges and universities, the program has been operated in conjunction with related industries to teach students practical skills. The results have been affirmed by various sectors. In this (2008) school year, as many as 300 businesses have participated and 4,800 students have been recruited to attend the program. It shall be continued in the 2009 school year.

The Special Vocational High School Programs for Target Industries are aimed at junior high school students who have not taken the Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Students. It specifically hopes to help disadvantaged junior high school graduates. At the same time, these programs are also designed to assist vocational high schools to adjust their courses in line with industrial demands, to integrate with industrial resources and to provide students with internship opportunities. Up till the present, ten vocational high schools have opened ten classes in mold making, mechanics, mechanical engineering, mechanical processing, mechanical and electrical engineering, and automotive mechanics. About 800 students have been recruited in the past three years.

A documentary film showing these skillful technical experts at work and teaching students was shown at the press conference. Everyone was deeply impressed by their concentration and tenacity, teaching the students everything they knew. Their endeavor as well as guidance and care for the students made them role models for all. It was hoped that the presence of these technical experts could help both the public and students understand the characteristics of vocational education and the importance of devotion to work. Under the guidance of these masters, we hope vocational education in Taiwan can continue to train the talents needed at every level helping order to upgrade the country's competitiveness.