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Warm-up Activities for the 2009 Employment and Human Resources Expo

Warm-up Activities for the 2009 Employment and Human Resources Expo
The Ministry of Education scheduled warm-up activities on March 29 for the Employment and Human Resources Expo. Representatives from universities and colleges, enterprises, government agencies, as well as recent college graduates were invited to attend. Taking this opportunity to seek support from the whole of society, the Ministry encouraged everyone to participate in the Employment and Human Resources Expo set to take place on April 11 and April 18.

In response to the spreading impact of the global financial crisis, the Ministry of Education and other ministries and councils have established various policies to cope with rising unemployment, such as the 2008-2009 Short-term Employment Promotion Measures, 2009-2012 Employment Promotion Projects, the Plan for Human Resource Cultivation and Employment Promotion, etc. To enforce the above, provide job seekers with vocational training and career planning services, as well as help people find jobs, the Ministry of Education is working with related ministries and councils, such as the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan, and organized four sessions of the Employment and Human Resources Expo to be held respectively in central Taiwan (Taichung City) and the east coast (Hualian County) on April 11, and in the north (Taoyuan County) and the south (Tainan City) on April 18. At each location the venue will be divided into five themed sections, namely Recruitment, Vocational Training Resources, Business Start-up Demonstration, Career Consultation Services, and Human Resources.

The warm-up activities were aimed to enhance communication between government agencies, enterprises, and universities and colleges, as well as to solicit support and assistance for related employment promotional programs in order to maximize the effectiveness of the employment expo. The Ministry also hopes, through this activity, that everyone can understand these concrete measures designed to overcome the current employment crisis.