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Seminar for Affiliated Social Education Institutes Held by MOE


Seminar for Affiliated Social Education Institutes

Held by MOE

This year, the Ministry of Education has, for the first time, held a seminar at the Sanxia Campus of National Academy for Education Research on 25th and 26th October, 2012 for the training of personnel and implementation of policy and legal provisions to assist 12 of the affiliated social institutes to the Ministry of Education in order to help personnel to enhance administration efficiency and service. National Education Radio is requested to conduct this seminar.

The Ministry especially invited Wu Hong-qin, section chief from the National Sun Yat-sen University to deliver the lecture on “ assets management,” senior secretary Cao Cui-ying from the Ministry of Education on “discussion to analyze of official documents,” vice professor Yu Te-quan, from National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology on “study and analysis of public work procurement,” Chen Chun-rong, chief accountant, Department of Accounting of the Executive Yuan on “budget planning and implementation,” and Zhang Qing-yun, Procurement, Complaint, and Review Committee of the Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan “study and analysis for procurement of labor and financial business” during the seminar. It is hoped that with the above-mentioned programs, they can help personnel of the social education institutes affiliated to the Education Ministry to know their business better and double their efficiency for future development. In addition, to demonstrate the seminar benefit this seminar won’t limit participants only to personnel related to official documents, procurement, and accounting as personnel in charge of regular business can also be enrolled.

At the end, the Ministry wishes to indicate that it hopes that with lecture and two-exchange of professional competence to enhance related competence with regard to various legal provisions of operation, planning, and matters of attention in pertaining to the staff of general utilities, and it is expected that the seminar can resolve problems and boost administration efficiency.