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2013 Taiwan Higher Education Exhibition

The 2013 Taiwan Higher Education Exhibition was held at Pui Ching Education Centre on September 21-23. It was organized by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students, and the Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools to provide useful information about Taiwan’s higher education system in general, and about many individual higher education institutions. The exhibition attracted many students who are interested in studying in Taiwan, and many secondary school teachers. A total of 63 universities from different parts of Taiwan took part.

Mr Yen Chueng Kuang, the director general of TECO, and Yuhlong Oliver Su, president of National Chi Nan University, each gave an opening speech during the opening ceremony. Mr. Yen pointed out that more than 1,200 Hong Kong students have chosen Taiwan universities to undertake higher education studies, and forecast that the number this year would be more than 2,000 people.

Many well-known prestigious universities in Taiwan, such as National Taiwan University, National Cheng Chi University, and National Cheng Kung University, took part in this year’s exhibition, and people naturally wanted to find out more about them. But they were also interested to learn more about the many universities of technology which also took part in the exhibition. These relatively young institutions all offer very good teaching of skills in the technology fields. The people who attended all obtained a great deal of useful information, and learnt more about Taiwan’s higher education system.

During the exhibition, 53 out of the 63 universities taking part formed alliances with 110 Hong Kong secondary schools, and students at these secondary schools who are recommended by their principal are eligible to receive a tuition discount.