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Taiwan Research Visiting Scholar Grant Program 2013 – a University of Zagreb Scholar

Taiwan Research Visiting Scholar Grant Program 2013 – a University of Zagreb Scholar
The 2013 Taiwan Research Visiting Scholar Grant Program was funded by the Education division, Taipei Economics and Cultural Office in Austria, with the aim of promoting independent and collaborative research on Taiwan-related topics by inviting international academics to visit and conduct field research in Taiwan. The grant budget provides an economy-class air ticket for a round trip between Europe and Taipei.

Miss Najla Podrug was delighted to receive a Taiwan Visiting Scholar Scholarship, considering this a great privilege. It gave her a highly appreciated opportunity to develop close research cooperation with National Tsing Hua University, in particular with Dr Yu-Wen Liu, an associate professor at the Institute of Technology Management; Dr Eric Min-yang Wang, a professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management; and groups of MBA students and doctoral students she met there during her visit to Taiwan.

Miss Podrug arrived in Taiwan on December 5, 2013 and left to return to Europe a week later on December 12. During her study visit she met and collaborated with Dr Liu, and Dr Wang. They discussed the differences and similarities of the Ph.D. programs in Taiwan and in Croatia and discussed joining efforts to conduct comparative research into business practices in Taiwan and Croatia.

Miss Podrug teaches International Management at the University of Zagreb and she found this scholarship very valuable. She gained a great deal of knowledge about Taiwan, and its culture and economy. She considers that Taiwan can serve as a role model for Croatia, particularly with regard to setting industrial priorities and national development, and she will promote Taiwan’s example.

Photo:Visiting scholar Najla Podrug with National Tsing Hua University students