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Students from Taiwan enjoy year-end party in Osaka

Students from Taiwan enjoy year-end party in Osaka
The TECO office in Osaka and the Taiwanese Students Alumni Association jointly held a year-end party in Osaka, on December 15, 2013 with 280 representatives of local universities, overseas Chinese, representatives of Taiwan - Japan goodwill organizations, and students in attendance.

The party featured traditional Taiwanese New Year dishes, singing performances, and a raffle all designed to enable students studying away from home in Japan to enjoy the atmosphere of the New Year approaching. The students were full of praise for the authentic Taiwanese cuisine. The year-end party preparation committee had worked hard for 2 months to gather wonderful prizes for the sweepstakes. The many prizes they obtained included 15 round-trip tickets between Taiwan and Japan. When the winning tickets were being drawn, the venue was full of cheering and the joyful atmosphere typical of a happy New Year party.

President Lin from the Taiwanese Students Alumni Association thanked the people who had generously donated the wonderful prizes, and commented that the Taiwanese students are fully aware of the desire for international friendship and good wishes for the future that the prizes represent. President Kawakami from the Jade Mountain Club, one of the goodwill groups, which has supported Taiwanese student activities for a long time, expressed his wishes that the students from Taiwan will complete their studies in Japan successfully and become goodwill ambassadors who will promote friendly exchanges between Taiwan and Japan.