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MOE congratulates winners of International Exhibition for Young Inventors

MOE congratulates winners of International Exhibition for Young Inventors
The Minister of Education Wu Se-Hwa (吳思華) is seen here on January 19, 2015 with one of the teachers and three of the students who represented Taiwan and won gold medals at the 10th annual International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI). This took place in Jakarta in Indonesia from October 29 to November 3, 2014.

National teams from nine countries participated and to and more than 200 presentations and/or models of their work were featured in the exhibition. The teams representing Taiwan were awarded 13 gold medals.

The Minister commended the Taiwanese students for their outstanding performance, and he expressed his hope and confidence that students and teachers would continue their unremitting efforts and continue reaping success.

The members of this year’s award-winning teams representing Taiwan at the international exhibition were selected from among students taking part in the 10th IEYI Taiwan Tryouts. This competition and exhibition of many entries provides opportunities for young people to express their creativity and showcase models of their inventive ideas.

Taking part in activities like this strengthens young people’s interest in science and technology, and their scientific literacy, and develops their creative thinking and capacity to invent. The works on display at the exhibition demonstrate the winning students’ great ingenuity and how young people can turn their creative ideas into reality. The practical uses of their inventions can also spark the excitement of other young students about being innovative and developing their own creative marketable ideas.

The Minister thanked the head of the delegation to IEYI, Professor Hong Jon-Chao 洪榮昭, and all the participating students and teachers for their dedication and hard work. Wu said he hoped that their achievements would inspire the next generation of young students to be innovative and enthusiastic about technological invention.