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‘Study in Taiwan’ Event at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK

The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. held a Study in Taiwan presentation at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) on Friday 20th January, 2017, as part of its ongoing efforts to promote Taiwan as a study destination to higher education institutions in the UK. This presentation was the first of its kind at UCLan and it marks a commitment by UCLan’s School of Language and Global Studies to expand its Taiwan-related activities.

The presentation was hosted by Dr Niki Alsford, Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies, and Dr Ed Griffith, a course leader. It had been widely promoted throughout the university and in the north-west region of England, resulting in an impressive turnout of around forty students.

Following a welcome speech and introductions, the presentation was divided into three segments. First, Mr Ouyang Yen-Heng, the Director of the Education Division, gave a PowerPoint presentation extolling the virtues of Taiwan, both as a place to visit and as a place to learn Mandarin or undertake degree study.

Olivia Saunders, Education Officer, then talked in detail about the MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship and the MOE Taiwan Scholarship, explaining the criteria, application procedure, administrative process, and the financial provisions of each scholarship programme. She also talked about the upcoming TOCFL in central London and the Youth Mobility Scheme and gave a brief outline of various research funding opportunities available.

Finally, time was devoted to informal discussions and buffet food, while a video about Taiwan played in the background. This allowed participants to ask questions and seek further information on various topics raised during the presentations, as well as helping themselves to the hand-outs and brochures supplied by the Education Division. Attendees could also add their e-mail address to a mailing list set up by the Education Division to receive information, news releases, and summaries about all Study in Taiwan opportunities.