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The Taiwan Australian National University Scholarships to Continue Until 2022

The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Australian National University (ANU) signed a 5-year agreement in August 2012 to jointly fund scholarships for research students from Taiwan commencing their PhD studies at the Australian National University. The scholarships are known as the Taiwan Australian National University Scholarships. This is in-line with MOE’s international education policy of nurturing the nation’s best minds by assisting them to study overseas in the world’s top 100 elite universities.
In December 2017, the ANU and the Ministry of Education in Taiwan renewed the 5-year agreement, thereby continuing the Taiwan Australian National University Scholarships until 2022. The scholarships provide the tuition fee and a stipend for up to five PhD scholars each year.
During the initial five years of this collaboration, thirteen scholars were awarded a scholarship to undertake research for a PhD in various disciplines, including Anthropology, Biology, Economics, Finance, and Political Science and International Relations.
Up to five Taiwan Australian National University Scholarships will be offered in the 2018 application round. Prospective students need to submit a scholarship application to the MOE and a separate scholarship application to the ANU. Please visit the following websites for more details.

MOE application guidelines:

ANU application guidelines: