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Premier orders continued anti-drug push for safe homes and schools


Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan
Premier Lai Ching-te on Thursday commended the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office (THPO) for initiating this year a comprehensive crackdown on drugs, so far involving two nationwide sweeps in February and June, aimed at providing safe and secure communities for the people of Taiwan.

In the June sweep authorities boosted the detention request rate for accused drug gang members to 60 percent, and the detention approval rate for those accused to nearly 80 percent, thanks to more than two months of careful investigation and precision police work. The improved detention rates were instrumental in removing active criminals from the streets. Law enforcement also seized 5,731 kilograms of illegal narcotics.

The THPO was directed to continue its crackdown in coordination with police, investigators, the Coast Guard Administration, Customs Administration, and military police. Premier Lai ordered rolling reviews of investigatory strategy based on emerging trends in drug-related criminal activity. He also called for the concurrent strengthening of cooperative, community-based anti-drug efforts to stamp out hidden dealer networks in areas near homes and schools. Finally, the premier advocated a stronger push to track drugs back to their ultimate source in order block the flow at Taiwan’s borders.

Premier Lai’s remarks came at the weekly meeting of the Cabinet following a presentation by the Ministry of Justice on the current implementation and achievements of its ongoing crackdown.