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Towards Real Equality – CEDAW in Taiwan


Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, CEDAW in abbreviation, aims at eliminating gender discrimination and actively promoting gender equality in order to realize the rights of gender equality listed in the CEDAW; by adopting every appropriate measure to implement women’s rights, the basis of the equality of men and women is ensured, so that women exercise and enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms particularly in the fields of politics, society,economics,employment,culture,educational,health,law,family,personal safety,and other fields. 

Since the President announced the signing of the accession in 2007, our nation has been marching on the path toward gender equality continuously, through three national reports, being supervised by private organizations, and taking advice from International Review Committee members. Via the Enforcement Act of CEDAW, our nation requires all competent authorities at all levels to adopt legislative or administrative measures both to eliminate gender discrimination and to foster gender equality. The exercise of power by all competent authorities at all levels should abide by the regulations of the convention of gender human rights, and all competent authorities at all levels should plan, promote, and implement regulated issues of the convention. According to the CEDAW, simultaneously the Executive Yuan should propose a national report of Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women every four years, and invite related scholars, experts, and representatives from private organizations to review the report. The effectiveness of CEDAW in our nation is an important milestone of promoting gender human rights, which enhances first, the condition of gender human rights in our nation to be connected with the world, second, gender rights to be equally protected, and finally gender discrimination will be gradually eliminated. For more information about this convention, please consult the website of CEDAW in Action by the Executive Yuan: