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Minister of Education Chiang Wei-ling Camps With Senior High School Students Nationwide And Participates In Various Activities

Minister of Education Chiang Wei-ling Camps With Senior High School Students Nationwide And Participates In Various Activities
The 2014 Nationwide Senior High School Scouting and 4-H (farmers, workers, fishers, and domestic economy) Club Jamboree was held at National Yuanlin Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School in Changhua county before the 2014 Chinese New Year. 2069 scouts joined the jamboree. Minister of Education Chiang Wei-ling hosted the opening ceremony and participated in various activities. Minister Chiang spent the night at the campsite, and took part in the student cookout.

It was Minister Chiang’s first time camping, and he mentioned that he participated in scouting when he was a junior high school student, but has never camped. At the jamboree, Chiang and students pitched tents and made radish omelets together. In the evening, Chiang stayed over in the tent to experience the fun of camping.

“Scouting cultivates teamwork spirit”, said Minister Chiang. He emphasized that in order to become competitive, students should have good humanities and scientific literacy, professional skills, as well as language, communication, creativity, and teamwork skills. These are the main capabilities that 12-year basic education intends to cultivate in students.

Minister Chiang said he has observed the characteristics of successful people in the world, and then he found out the “password” to the road of success is Q- CITADEL. He explained the term Q- CITADEL to students: Q is Question, it means that students should actively ask questions in class. CITADEL stands for Caring, Inter-disciplinary, Time management and teamwork, Action, Diligence, Earnestness, and Life-long learning. Chiang encouraged students to have curiosity and increase soft power.

The jamboree’s theme of this year is “Love In Scouting,” meaning that scouts should do a good deed with love every day. They got together at National Yuanlin Agricultural Vocational High School to learn from each other. The jamboree integrated Changhua's culture into its activities, and made the image of rural life as the topic. Besides traditional scouting outdoor skills, activities, and educational programs, the host also added a few rural life experience programs for students to gain insights about traditional rural life and culture.

The K-12 Education Administration hopes this program will strengthen interaction between scout organizations and the 4-H club. They also hope to cultivate esprit de corps and increase personal value through cooperation. Students developed a scout spirit: learning from service and cultivating a volunteer spirit and a willingness to participate in public affairs.