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The Light of Life - MOE Promotes “On Light” Project for Youth

The Light of Life - MOE Promotes “On Light” Project for Youth
Youth Development Administration held a press conference to promote the “On Light” project for youth on April 8. This project has been executed for 6 years and helped about 2,000 young adults so far. The project assists teenagers from 15 to19 years old who neither continued school nor found employment after finishing junior high school.

15 NPOs have experiences in youth counselling nationwide, with their assistance, “On Light” project planned a 4-month courses that include exploring different careers, experiential education, career training and workplace experience. The purpose of those courses aim to help young adults to explore their career interests and learn practical skills. The project helps teenagers who are sure about their career goals to continue studies or attend career trainings. A two months full-time internship will be arranged for students who have stronger employment motivation to assist them to establish a stable career in the future.

As young people graduating from junior high school are facing a crucial time in their lives. Informal education, career-training course, counselling and care could help those who are still in search for goals to establish self-confidence and enjoy learning. The project provides a great service for the young adults’ future development as it enables self-examination, self-affirmation and adaptive development.