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Hyogo Japan-Taiwan Goodwill Association establishes Taiwanese Students Committee

Hyogo Japan-Taiwan Goodwill Association establishes Taiwanese Students Committee
The Hyogo Japan-Taiwan Goodwill Association, a Japanese friendship society, held a round-table conference with Taiwanese students on September 24, 2014 in a conference room at the Kobe Municipal Government. It was attended by 27 Taiwanese students, 15 Kobe City Council members, and 6 Hyogo Prefectural Government and Kobe City Hall personnel.

Mr. Okubo, the president of the Hyogo Japan-Taiwan Goodwill Association, said that the purpose of the conference was to help solve any problems Taiwanese students met with their studies and in daily life while they were in Japan, and to help Taiwanese students to bring forward both their problems and their suggestions. Some of the Taiwanese students explained the difficulties students like them had when applying for Hyogo Prefectural Government scholarships, and finding employment. The Hyogo Prefectural Government staff immediately responded regarding scholarship applications, and the City Council members also said they could provide information about employment opportunities to Taiwanese students. Their sincere concern moved the Taiwanese students, and their responses received thunderous applause. An excellent outcome was the decision to establish a Taiwanese Students Committee in order to continue to provide support for Taiwanese students, and to hold activities in the future.

Mr. Tsai Ming Yao, the Director of TECO in Osaka, was invited to give a speech at a party held after the conference. He began by encouraging the students to learn actively from Japan’s strengths. He then outlined Taiwan’s current status, and ended with an appeal for support for Taiwan to become a member of the United Nations as a subsidiary organization. This would allow Taiwan another avenue through which to contribute to the international community and foster peace in Asia.