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The 2014 Taiwan Lectures Series at the University of Vienna

The 2014 Taiwan Lectures Series at the University of Vienna
The Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies was formally established in the Department of East Asian Studies/ Sinology at the University of Vienna in December 2009. Since 2012 the center has been partly funded by the Ministry of Education in the Republic of China (Taiwan). Experts on different aspects of Taiwan from other European universities are regularly invited to give presentations for the Taiwan Lecture Series at the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies.

The summer term 2014 was the third term to offer a complete series of Vienna Taiwan Lectures. The five lectures and their presenters were:
 Female Marriage Migration to Taiwan - by Isabelle Cheng,
 Cross-Strait Social Movements: Impacts and Challenges for Both Sides - by Jens Damm,
 Confucianism that Confounds - by Marie Seong-Hak Kim,
 Saigon Kid/New Taiwanese Children - by Astrid Lipinsky,
 “A lesson from Taiwan” revisiting migration for marriage by looking at the lived experiences of cross-strait marriage migrants - by Lara Momesso

These were included in the teaching program but they were also open to the general public. Lectures and additional material have been used to approach topics of interest. The videotapes are available for viewing at

The lectures are included in the master’s degree-level Taiwan teaching program. The scheduled 2014/15 winter term lectures are:
 Wednesday, 12 November 2014: Common Interests in a Differentiated Environment: Political Socialisation and Participation of Foreign-Born Citizens in Taiwan – by Isabelle Cheng
 Wednesday, 3 December 2014: Indigenous Movement and the Environment: The Case of Taiwan – by Rosa Enn
 Wednesday, 10 December 2014: Taiwan Rural Front and the Land Justice Movement in Taiwan – by Hsu Shih-Jung
 Wednesday, 14 January 2015: Women’s Movement and Gender Value Changes in Taiwan – by Yang Wan-Ying
 Wednesday, 21 January 2015: Taiwan’s Aboriginal Movement – by Michael Rudolph

There will also be a series of Saturday workshops that will also be open to the public.