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“Run for Double-Ten” Marathon in Paraguay

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Paraguay Olympic Committee and Paraguay Marathon Club worked together organizing the “Run for Double-Ten” marathon to celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The name of the marathon is a reference to Taiwan’s National Day which falls on October 10. It was held at the Grand Park of Guazú with the support of the Ministry of Sports, the Municipality of Asuncion, the Paraguayan Athletics Federation and the Taiwan Alumni (Taiwan Scholarship Graduates) Association.

More than 1,000 energetic runners participated, among them many special guests from different government institutions, national universities and Taiwanese community in Paraguay. The Taiwan Alumni Association took part and many members successfully completed running the marathon.

The Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Paraguay, Liu Der-Li expressed his happiness about the celebrations held during the month of Taiwan’s National Day, and he was especially delighted to see all the marathon runners with their cheerful faces and healthy bodies sharing the Double-Ten. The Minister of Sports, Sir Victor Pecci, congratulated all the participants and organizers, and he encouraged people to continue participating in sports, because a country needs education, culture and sports for its citizens to perform at the highest level. The President of the Taiwan Alumni Association, Jose Luis Ibañez supported this view. He expressed the association’s support for sports for promoting a healthy life and strong body and shared details of people’s different sports experiences in Taiwan.