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2014 Taiwan Education Fair in the USA Tours the San Francisco Bay Area

2014 Taiwan Education Fair in the USA Tours the San Francisco Bay Area
The 2014 Taiwan Education Fair in the USA was held at the Chinese Culture Center in Sunnyvale on October 25, 2014. These annual educational fairs are designed to promote Taiwan’s high quality education environment and help make Taiwan be seen as a serious choice as the future destination where overseas Taiwanese American students can pursue their higher education degrees. Previous Taiwan Education Fairs have been held in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012, in Los Angeles in 2012, New York in 2013, and Los Angeles again on October 18th -19th, 2014, a week before the Sunnyvale event.

Dr. Chiu Chuang-Chien, Vice-President of Feng Chia University, led a delegation of representatives from 10 Taiwan universities—7 comprehensive universities and 3 medical universities—to San Francisco for the fair, which was also attended by representatives from several Taiwan universities’ alumni associations in northern California. A press conference was held at TECO two days beforehand, on October 23, and a representative from each participating university presented information about its feature programs, and scholarship opportunities. They also pointed out the very attractive tuition fees of Taiwan universities, which compare extremely favorably with those of US universities.

The media coverage attracted many parents and students to visit the fair and take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly with the Taiwanese university delegates and obtain useful details and advice. Mr. Bruce Fuh, Director-General of TECO in San Francisco, addressed the opening ceremony, and also provided information about the issues students and parents care about most: admission regulations, application procedure, programs taught in English, and future career opportunities.

Many gave positive feedback and they were very keen for more such events to be held, giving people a wide range of information about the possibilities for studying in Taiwan.

Photo - The 2014 Taiwan Education Fair was held at the Culture Center in Sunnyvale