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Aurore Formosane – “Thinking Taiwan” & Connecting Taiwan with the World

Aurore Formosane (Formosan Dawn), the first association set up by Taiwanese students in France, was inaugurated on November 22, 2014 at University Paris-Diderot. Its focus is on the publication of information and reflections on Taiwan.

Aurore Formosane invited Dr. Françoise Mengin from IEP Paris (the Institutes of Political Studies) and Dr. Gwennaël Gaffric, the vice-president of Association Francophone d’Etudes Taiwanaises (the Francophone Association of Taiwan Studies) to be keynote speakers at the inauguration, and deliberate on Taiwan’s status in the international community, and on the roles of Taiwanese youth as international students. More than 70 participants attended the inauguration, including representatives from two Taiwan-related associations launched by French amateurs of Taiwan: Association Francophone d’Etudes Taiwanaises (AFET) and My Little Taiwan. AFET plans to open up Taiwanese dialect courses in 2015, and My Little Taiwan plans to offer language exchanges opportunities. It has set up a Facebook page to help this.

The discussion was followed with opportunities to taste authentic Taiwan savories, and a culture immersion experience, including a tea ceremony, a calligraphy demonstration, and the stories behind various traditional Chinese characters.

Aurore Formosane will publish a journal on a quarterly basis. Its main purpose is to present Taiwan to the French people from the viewpoints of different intellectuals, and a cultural heritage approach. The first issue is already available at numerous sites which French people frequent to appreciate Taiwanese activities and/or cuisine.