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Taipei Mission promotes scholarships for studying in Taiwan to students in Uppsala,Sweden

Mr. Leo Lee, the Representative at the Taipei Mission, and the education secretary Frank Chen visited Professor Eva Åkesson, the vice-chancellor of Uppsala University, on November 6, 2014. Leo Lee outlined some of Taiwan’s education policies, particularly in the tertiary sector, the cooperative relationships between Uppsala University and universities in Taiwan and the Ministry of Education’s scholarship programs that Swedish students can apply for to study in Taiwan: the Taiwan Scholarship program (to undertake a degree), and the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship program (for improving Mandarin Chinese language proficiency). He also invited to Professor Åkesson to visit Taiwan in the future.

Professor Åkesson had been invited to Taiwan several years ago for an academic conference. She spoke about enjoying her visits to the National Palace Museum, and Taipei 101, and about looking forward to returning to Taiwan. She mentioned how very impressed she was by the Chinese cultural treasure and the friendliness of people in Taiwan. She undertook to promote and strengthen the relationships and exchanges between Uppsala University and universities in Taiwan, and to encourage the students at Uppsala University to consider studying in Taiwan.

During their visit, Leo Lee and Frank Chen also spoke to students in a Chinese Studies class and gave them details of the scholarships that they could apply for. Many students took some brochures, saying they would like to apply for one or both of the scholarships in 2015.