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Closing ceremony for Chinese courses in Paraguay

Closing ceremony for Chinese courses in Paraguay
The closing ceremony for Chinese Mandarin courses in Paraguay was held on December 6, 2014 at the downtown campus of the National University of Asunción. The courses were taught at different institutions, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan): at the College of Humanities and Philosophy of the National University of Asuncion; the Law School of the Catholic University; the Diplomatic Academy; the Military Academy; and the Vocational Training Bureau.

The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Paraguay Mr. Liu Der-Li, other distinguished guests, parents, and students.

The Ambassador, Mr. Liu, warmly congratulated the students who had finished their Chinese language learning courses and pointed out the great importance of learning Chinese. He also thanked the two teachers, Prof. Liang Wen-Fang (Hilda Liang) and Prof. Lin Pei-Hua (Cecilia Lin) who were in charge of these courses, for their hard work and dedication teaching Chinese as a foreign language to Taiwan’s Paraguayan friends.

The students gave various presentations, including recitations, songs and theatrical performances in Chinese, demonstrating some of what they have learned and their enthusiasm.

Photo:Chinese song performers and accompanying musicians.