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Orientation meeting for EU-officials before their study trip to Taiwan

On July 1 the Taipei Representative Office in the EU & Belgium held an orientation meeting for the EU-officials who will take part in this year’s Taiwan Study Seminar or the Mandarin Training Programme. About 30 people took part. The meeting started with welcome remarks by Vice-Representative Wang Wan-li, and these were followed by a presentation by Ms. Hsu Huei-wen Hsu, the Director of the Education Division, who spoke about Taiwan’s academic relations with Europe and about opportunities for funding for people in the Benelux region. Two EU officials who went to Taiwan last year also spoke and shared details of their study and travel experiences with the group.

These two programmes provide the participating EU officials with an opportunity to develop their Mandarin skills and their knowledge of Taiwan in general, through classes and extracurricular activities. Due to the popularity of the programmes in previous years, both of them have been expanded this year.