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TECO-NY holds party for Taiwanese students

Over 200 Taiwanese students studying in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania crowded the lobby of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY) on Saturday, September 12, 2015. The TECO-NY Education Division and the Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations in New York (FTSANY) jointly organized an event to welcome students beginning a new academic year and to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a special time for families to reunite and enjoy spending together, and it would not be complete without moon cakes. The event was designed to bring the students together as one family, and although the event was scheduled to officially start at 2:00pm, many people arrived early, eager to meet old friends and welcome newcomers.

The director of the Education Division, Charlin Chang, addressed everyone and encouraged the students to take care of one another. She reminded them that everyone feels some fear or anxiety when facing something new, regardless of whether this was their very first year in the US, starting a new stage of their lives in a new city, or whether they were students beginning their very last academic year. Ms Chang assured them that her division was fully committed to supporting them and expanding opportunities for students from Taiwan to show the world their strengths.

As students enjoyed tastes of home, such as bubble tea, and snacked on traditional moon cakes, speakers from the Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations in New York introduced the organization and gave some tips for navigating New York City. They encouraged the students to get connected with both the Federation, and with the Taiwanese student organization at their particular university or college. At the party’s end, everyone was slow to leave. They lingered at the entrance, caught up in conversations with friends, and feeling very connected, just like an extended family.