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Professor Kao Chin-Hsung, President of National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU) has a fruitful visit to Russia

Professor Kao Chin-Hsung, President of National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU) has a fruitful visit to Russia
Dr. Kao Chin-Hsung, president of National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU), visited Russia from October 21 to 28, 2015. During Dr. Kao’s stay in Russia, he paid a visit to NTSU’s partner university, Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) in Sochi City, from October 22 to October 25 to further strengthen the cooperation between these two leading sports universities. Dr. Kao gave a lecture at RIOU on Globalization of Higher Education in Sport Management. International students from 15 different countries actively took part, several participating through the Internet.

The Russian International Olympic University, located in Sochi Olympic Park, is a unique higher education institution with great potential. It is the world’s first university dedicated to sport business education, and the Chairman of the RIOU Board of Trustees is Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. It is believed that mutual understanding and joint efforts in the sport management field can lead to more fruitful interactions between Russia and Taiwan.

Dr. Kao then went to Moscow and with the help of RIOU, and accompanied by Ms. Adelina Akhmetzyanova from RIOU met with the Ministry for Sport of the Russian Federation and Russian Olympic Committee in Moscow and called at the Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission (TMECCC), on October 26 and 27.

During the visit to TMECCC Dr. Kao was pleased to inform the ROC’s Representative in Russia, David C.Y. Wang, that RIOU had agreed to offer a 1-year scholarship to students at NTSU, its partner university, as part of a wide range of collaborative undertakings between the two sports-oriented universities. These are in the following fields: offering reciprocal scholarships; exchanges of teaching faculty specializing in sports management; recognition of each other’s educational records, qualifications, and diplomas; and most importantly of all, the creation of dual-degree programs.

L-R: Ms. Adelina Akhmetzyanova, RIOU representative; David C.Y. Wang, the Representative at the Representative Office in Moscow; Dr. Kao, NTSU President; and Robin Yun-Pin Lu, Director of the Education Division at the Representative Office in Moscow