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2016 Young Taiwanese Architectural Designers Exhibition held by NY Education Division

2016 Young Taiwanese Architectural Designers Exhibition held by NY Education Division
A joint exhibition called Scope: an Imagination Evoking Medium Young Taiwanese Architectural Designers Exhibition opened on January 24, 2016 at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York City (TECO-NY). It showcased 29 creative projects designed by 31 young professional architectural designers from Taiwan.

The opening ceremony was held despite a ferocious snowstorm pounding New York. TECO-NY’s new Director-General Lily L.W. Hsu praised all the wonderful work on display and thanked the young Taiwanese architectural designers for making the exhibition successful. TECO-NY’s Education Director Charlin Chang echoed her sentiments, and expressed appreciation to all the curatorial team for their professionalism and courage, as well as the design flair. The exhibition gave people an opportunity to see Taiwanese designers’ superb artistic talent and creativity.

The exhibition’s main title was “Scope”. The curatorial team explained that a “scope” is an instrument for observation. Architects use scopes. The ways that architects observe the world sparks ideas in their mind, and leads to improving the world. The team extended the definition of “scope” to be an imagination evoking medium. They believe people’s imagination will be stirred in a new way through their scopes.

The exhibition’s theme was looking at how the mindsets of these young generation designers reflect their roots in Taiwan, even though they are far from their homes there, and what they have learned and experienced in the United States; they have picked up knowledge from all over the world, they have been inspired by different cultures, and they have been influenced by different artists and teachers. They continue to develop impressive skills and they shared some of their “scopes” through their best designs at this week-long exhibition.

Photo:TECO-NY’s Education Director Charlin Chang (4th from left, front row), new Director-General Lily L.W. Hsu (5th left, front row), and the 31 designers