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MOUs Aim to Promote Internships in Thailand for Skilled Young Professionals from Taiwan

MOUs Aim to Promote Internships in Thailand for Skilled Young Professionals from Taiwan
Youth unemployment has become a global concern and received significant attention from governments and educational institutes in recent years. One of the obstacles for young graduates wanting to earn a reasonable job offer lies in their lack of the relevant working experience required.

Taiwan is one of the countries experiencing such problems as skill shortages and skill mismatches. To improve the employability of young graduates, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan has been promoting many industrial-academic cooperation projects and encouraging secondary and higher education students to undertake internships to get training in real working places. Furthermore, to broaden the international outlook of young students in Taiwan, the MOE also sponsors some overseas internships with overseas Taiwanese enterprises and multinational corporations, for university students in Taiwan.

More inflow of capital investment and skilled young professionals from Taiwan to 18 countries, ten of which are ASEAN countries, are expected, encouraged by President Tsai Ing-wen’s New Southbound Policy initiative. To tap into the opportunities this may create, the Thailand Federation of Chinese Traders Association responded with quick action and enthusiasm and established a platform for Taiwanese Businessmen in Thailand, to provide internship opportunities for university students in Taiwan. And an MOU signing ceremony was arranged between the Federation and two universities in Taiwan and held in the Novotel Hotel in Bangkok on September 17.

Cheng Shiu University was represented by vice president Dr. Cheng Shuenn-Ren, and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages was represented by vice president Dr. Samuel C.Y. Ku who each signed an MOU with the Federation. The aim of the MOUs is to promote internship in Taiwanese Business in Thailand for outstanding young people from Taiwan. Kuo Hsi Kuei, the chairman of the Federation, said at the ceremony that the importance of the MOUs is to set up a platform to match the needs of Taiwanese business and young students. The Federation will assist to allocate students for internship and practical training. The chairman commented that this movement will enhance the understanding of students from Taiwan regarding overseas Taiwanese enterprises, as well as the culture and investment environments in Thailand. Moreover, more outstanding young people in Taiwan will find career opportunities in Thailand: they can work for Taiwanese corporations in Thailand, pursue further studies, or start up a business in Thailand after their internship.

ASEAN is a region full of opportunities for our young students that carry dreams, creativity, and energy to explore. The young students from Taiwan will acquire practical working skills and genuine cross-cultural mindsets and be better equipped for the 21st century global society.