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Dr. Nicole Lee Delivers Briefing at Oxford on Overseas Talent Returning to Taiwan

Dr. Nicole Lee Delivers Briefing at Oxford on Overseas Talent Returning to Taiwan

On October 5, Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee, the new Director of the Education Division at the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom, travelled to Oxford for a meeting with students and scholars from Taiwan. The meeting was attended by menbers of the Oxford Taiwan Student Association and recipients of the Taiwan–Oxford Scholarship, as well as Ministry of Education scholarship recipients studying at the University of Oxford.

Dr. Lee began her address to the twelve attendees by outlining the functions and services of the Education Division, emphasising its role in supporting Taiwanese students based in the UK, facilitating academic cooperation between the UK and Taiwan, and promoting study abroad.

Dr. Lee then spoke about the key education strategies and priorities of Taiwan’s government, and discussed the Ministry of Education’s Yushan Scholar Programme and Yushan Young Scholar Programme in detail. These programs are designed to attract outstanding Taiwanese scholars to return to Taiwan after graduating from universities overseas. Successful applicants who have been recruited by universities in Taiwan are offered internationally competitive saleries and benefits as an encouragement to bring their expertise and experiences back. This benefits the students, enriches the academic environment of Taiwan’s higher education institutions, and further increases the pool of talent to be found in Taiwan.

The students were also given some practical adevice about keeping themselves and their possessions safe while living in the UK as an international student. The Education Division had enlisted the assistance of the Metropolitan Police to prepare information and resources for the students about how to avoid becoming victims of fraud, theft, and other crimes. Newcomers to a country and to student communities are particularly vulnerable in this regard, and the students were grateful to receive this helpful advice.

Photo:Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee (left) presenting a gift to Liu Chin-Min, president of the Oxford Taiwan Student Association.