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“2019 Taiwan Forward” – the ROC’s 108th Double Tenth National Day Celebration

“2019 Taiwan Forward” – the ROC’s 108th Double Tenth National Day Celebration

At 8 o’clock in the morning of October 10, 2019, the ROC’s 108th Double Tenth National Day Celebration was grandly held, with President Tsai Ing-wen hosting and attending in the plaza fronting the Presidential Office Building. This event was convened by the Legislative Yuan, and the President of the Legislative Yuan, Su, Jia-chyuan, was the Chairperson. There were 199 departments participating in this event (32 central government authorities, 47 local government authorities, and 120 organizations from all sectors). In his speech, the Chairperson, Su, Jia-chyuan, expressed the idea that the key visual design of the national day celebration is the double ten symbol with a right-pointing-up arrow, symbolizing Taiwan’s unceasing pace in pursuing progress. “Better and better!”

At the President’s address entitled “Nation of Resilience, Forward into the World”, President Tsai Ing-wen expressed that since 2011, when Mainland Chinese students were permitted to come to Taiwan to study, we observed that young people on both sides could live together, learn together, and think together. In the process of getting along with each other, they had more understanding of the differences in each other’s background, and reached a consensus on jointly building a better and peaceful world. In addition, we encourage interchanges of talented individuals. The number of those participating in overseas youth technological programs has been rapidly increasing. These students with cross-border experiences will be the talents for boosting regional prosperity. Taiwan will continuously walk forward into the world with open arms.

The performance activity design linked closely to the theme of this year’s national day celebration: “Taiwan Forward”, which was divided into three stages: “Prelude”, “Ceremony”, and “Themed Performance”. The first performance of the prelude was the Army Academy R.O.C. Drum Corps, combining passion and dance, which raised the curtain of the prologue. The following performance, with the theme of “the Energy of Taiwan, the Power of Leaping” was presented by the Taipei Yuehfu Drum and Bugle Corps, through musical rhythm and fluttering flags, which demonstrated the dynamism and vitality of Taiwan. The Taiwan Pei-De Dragon and Lion Dance Group consisted of 60 students from 7 schools, such as Yingge Junior High School, presented the traditional lion dance with innovative elements: two acrobatic lions stepping and dancing on Chinese tall wooden pedestals, the acrobatic maneuvers with a high level of difficulty displayed the verve of our strong nation, sturdy bodies, and vigorous people.

After the stage of themed performance, a decorated float parade appeared in the plaza. The leading float was named Hero, with national players of the Asian Baseball Championship, and of the Baseball World Cup, CPBL stars, Universiade players, players of international technique competitions, and models of the national military, received people’s encouragement and cheers. There were altogether 23 themed floats with significant features parading through the plaza. Among them was a culture and arts team organized by about 200 foreign students from Saint Lucia, a state with which we enjoy diplomatic relations, and we witnessed their passionate energy and in the delightful atmosphere of our national day’s celebration. Finally, a float guided by Juang Jing Vocational High School performed an energetic dance, with a combination of pop dance, lively popular music, and changing formations, which showed a youthful, energetic, and refreshing performance. Lastly, the R.O.C. Air Force Thunder Tigers Team rotor planes flew above the reviewing stand in fly-past making a perfect ending to this celebration event, and conveying the hope that “our nation flourishes, having seasonable weather and stable surroundings.”