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2019 "Youth Volunteer, Youth Pumping" Let the Youth Volunteer become the whirlwind of changing the world

2019 "Youth Volunteer, Youth Pumping" Let the Youth Volunteer become the whirlwind of changing the world

According to the first survey made by Health and Welfare Department in 2017, the participation rate of volunteers for Taiwan people reached 22.8%, that is, one in five people involves into the volunteer service.  In order to encourage more young people to get involved in volunteering and celebrate to the International Volunteer Day on December 5 every year, the Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education utilizes this year (2019) the theme of "Youth Power Start Up: Youth Volunteer, Youth Pumping" and conducts a series of activities in the northern, central, southern and eastern part of Taiwan, including the Youth Volunteer Forum, One-Day Volunteering activity and Sharing Tour Seminar.


The whirlwind of youth volunteering service is unstoppable in the international arena.  Young people’s utilizing their expertise and creativity to contribute to the key issues and challenges for the society becomes the whirlwind of changing the world. The Youth Development Administration invites Mr. Tamás Mahner, from Egyesek Youth Association, and Ms. Thazin Aung, Director of Activities for Charity-Oriented Myanmar-LNGO in Myanmar, to deliver the first hand skills and values of European youth volunteering, as well as to share the experience of long-term aboriginal education services. Thus, this will lead the Taiwanese young people to broaden international horizons.


At the same time, in order to let the international volunteer representatives understand Taiwan, the Youth Development Administration also do the arrangement to invite many excellent social innovation teams in Taiwan, such as the "Do You A Flavor" dedicating to social caring services for street people and the "5% Design Action Social Design" that integrates cross-disciplinary design to share how to use the self-media and community software to call for youth volunteering and to connect with the concept of youth to engage in social care issues, and to recruit and coordinate the use of cross-disciplinary expertise to transform social needs into innovative service initiatives.  In the end of the forum, the exchanges and dialogues of young people with representatives of international youth volunteers will be conducted.


The Youth Development Administration's "Youth Power Start-Up" International Volunteer Day Celebration activities include a series of events: the Youth Volunteer Forum at the National Taipei University of Technology on November 30th, 2019; one-day volunteer activity mobilizing young volunteer teams, schools, and NPO organizations on Dec. 1, 2019.  And, From Dec. 2 to Dec. 3, 2019, Mr. Tamás Mahner and Ms. Thazin Aung will visit respectively to National Taipei Medical University, Feng Chia University, National Ilan University, Tainan University of Technology to join into Sharing Tour Seminar and to have interaction with local young volunteers.  For registration details, please visit Accupass Activity (