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(Thailand) Senator Mr. Chaowarin Latthasaksirer


Senator Chaowarin Latthasaksire, Ex-Deputy Minister of Education of Thailand and three Rajabhat (Normal) University Presidents visited Minister Tu, ROC Ministry of Education

(Thailand) Senator Mr. Chaowarin Latthasaksirer

Minister Tu received Senator Chaowarin Latthasaksire, Ex-Deputy Ministry of Education of Thailand and three Rajabhat University presidents of Thailand on July 19, 2005, at the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. Senator Chaowarin Latthasaksire delegation consisted of 24 Rajabhat University Presidents who came to Taiwan to better understand Mandarin-teaching methodologies. During their eight-day stay in Taiwan, they will not only attend class in National Taiwan Normal University, but also visit other universities in Taiwan.

During their brief meeting with Minister Tu, Senator Latthasaksire expressed his gratitude to Minister Tu for giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas and seek future cooperation between the two countries. Minister Tu not only expressed his pleasure in meeting them, but also conveyed his international educational policy to the delegation. Minister Tu commended them on their foresight in acknowledging the importance of learning Mandarin. Because there are many Taiwanese enterprises in Thailand and there are many Thais working in Taiwan, there is a great demand for breaking the cultural and linguistic barriers. Therefore, the R.O.C. Ministry of Education also understands the importance of teaching Thais to speak Mandarin. In the future, Minister Tu believes that there will be much more cooperation between Thailand and Taiwan.