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(Latin America) Representatives from LACIS


2005.05.27 Deputy Minister Dr. Mu-Lin Lu Welcomes Representatives from Latin American Consortium of Integrated Services(LACIS)

(Latin America) Representatives from LACIS 1

(Latin America) Representatives from LACIS 2

Within the framework of the International Workshop on Nanoelectronic Circuits and Systems (IWNCAS), four representatives of the Latin American Consortium of Integrated Services (LACIS), which is an open association of universities from countries in Latin America involved with Microelectronic and Nanotechnology research and education, will visit Taiwan from May 27-30, 2005. Their visit will focus on the following:

a. Exploring connections with high-tech industries in Taiwan.

b. Collaboration between the two countries in higher education and high-tech industry.

c. Possible scholar and research exchange re: technology.

d. To establish the feasibility and opportunities for courses in microelectronics, and electronic technology in Argentina.

e. To foster closer ties regarding mutual interest for both countries.

LACIS is an association of major universities in Latin America. They have strong interests in establishing cooperation and collaboration with universities in Taiwan, especially for student exchange, study abroad, and joint research projects. The LACIS visit is of special significance. It will have a great impact regarding our efforts towards achieving our plans for globalization.

Deputy Minister Dr. Mu-Ling Lu will receive four representatives of LACIS from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico on May 27, 2005. Included in their stay in Taiwan will be the visits to MOFA, Academia Sinica, and the National Science Council.